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SBOeConnect is a simple, integrated, flexible solution for fully automatic and bi directional data synchronization between SAP Business One ERP system and eCommerce & Marketplace Platforms.
With SBOeConnect, changes to your critical business data are automatically synchronized from eCommerce/Marketplace to SAP Business One and vice versa. With no need to manually input the data, you save manpower, reduce human error and improve your business's overall productivity.


Integration Features- At a Glance

eCommerce and Marketplace’s customer account and contact information, billing and shipping addresses are synchronized to SAP Business One. Even as per the business requirement SBOeConnect is flexible enough to sync Guest Customer’s Contact and Address Information to SAP Business One Business Partner Master Data (For eCommerce Only). Similarly Business Partners created/present in SAP Business One can be selectively uploaded to eCommerce web store to support B2B Business Scenarios.

SBOeConnect fully supports ERP Products listing in eCommerce websites and Marketplace Stores. SAP Business One Items present in Item Master Data can be uploaded to eCommerce websites as Simple, Configurable, Bundled, Grouped, Virtual and Downloadable Type of Products with images, description, categories and attributes all set through SAP Business One. Website Specific Pricing for Items (for multiple websites) can also be controlled from SAP Business One very easily. eCommerce Products of different types can be downloaded to SAP Business One through SBOeConnect
For Marketplace, SAP B1 User can define images (new or from existing list), category (new of from existing category tree), Display time period, basically all necessary elements of Product Listing can be defined and then uploaded straight to Marketplace Store of the Seller.

eCommerce and Marketplace sales orders placed by registered/guest web customer are transformed to SAP Business One Sales Orders/Draft Sales Orders. Draft Sales Orders can pass through an Approval Mechanism to confirm it to a Sales Order for further processing.
Also SAP Business One sales orders can be uploaded to eCommerce web store to support B2B Scenarios. Generating Delivery or A/R Invoice in SAP Business One will update the web order status. Web Orders with Custom Web Order Status in eCommerce, for example ‘Shipped but not Delivered’, ‘Pending Payment’ etc. can also be sync back to SAP B1 as per the requirement.

Delivery and Shipping
eCommerce Shipping Methods will be fully mapped with SAP Business One Freight and Shipping Types for an accurate Sync of Shipping Charges and Shipping Courier Name. Delivery generated in SAP Business One will automatically add a ‘Shipment’ in eCommerce and update the web order status. Shipment Tracking No. mentioned in SAP Business One Delivery will also be available in web as well as automatically emailed to Consumer.

Payment and Invoice
For Marketplace Orders, payment processing happens on Marketplace itself, however Invoice generated in SAP Business One for Marketplace Orders with ‘Active’ Status, will be synced back to Marketplace and generate an Invoice.
For eCommerce, SBOeConnect Supports both Online and Offline Payment Methods. For Online Payments, Web Invoices downloaded as A/R Reserve Invoice with Incoming Payment mentioning the Credit Card Info/Online Payment Transaction ID. For Offline Payments in B2B Scenarios, A/R Invoice generated in SAP Business One can be synced to eCommerce websites and emailed to end customer.